A Python library for hyphenating HTML in your Django project

Repurposed from Filipe Fortes' excellent AppEngine app.


  • Use the ­ HTML entity to hyphenate text. Works well with text-align:justify;
  • Can be called as a function from inside Python code or as a filter in the Django template
  • Supports more than 25 languages

Getting started

Install it.

$ pip install django-softhyphen

Add it to the INSTALLED_APPS in your


By default, it expects English but you can change that in

LANGUAGE_CODE = 'es-es' # Or whatever other language code you'd like

Use it in as a function.

>>> from softhyphen.html import hyphenate
>>> hyphenate("<h1>I love hyphenation</h1>")
"<h1>I love hy&shy;phen&shy;a&shy;tion</h1>"
>>> # It is English by default, but you can provide another LANGUAGE_CODE in or at runtime like this
>>> hyphenate("<h1>Me encanta guiones</h1>", language="es-es")
<h1>Me en&shy;can&shy;ta gu&shy;io&shy;nes</h1>

Or use it as a template filter.

{% load softhyphen_tags %}
{{ text|softhyphen }}
{# You can specify another language as an argument. English is the default. #}
{{ text|softhyphen:"es-es" }}

(Warning! Because of its overhead, the filter is not recommended in production if it needs to run each time the page loads.)

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